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I know that in starting the story feels slow but trust me bro I just read chapter 74 and its total fire if u want to watch some revenge go for it


The start was extremely interesting(for me at least, I don’t read much cultivation manwha/manhua). I loved how he used a unique weapon that we don’t see much of in anime/manga these days. However, it started going downhill when they started adding pointless storylines, and interactions. We are only 27 chapters in so we don’t know if they are not important yet, but if they aren’t I’m gonna be pretty disappointed. Really hope it picks back up again.


Absolutely love this manga highly recommend reading without out a doubt a hidden Jem Cannot wait for the next chapter the build up of the main characters power is steady and doesn’t feel rushed. Overall the manga has a lot of potential and I am looking forward to the story’s progression.


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